Line striping and ground markings.                 

Line striping is just the finishing touch. Although line striping cost is only a fraction of what the asphalt its self may cost a bad striping can ruin the ascetics of your parking lot. So at MK Hansen we do all of our own line striping in house. We like to be with your project to the very end. 

Asphalt Crack Repair

The way we apply the crack filler is the best known way in the industry,. The crack fill we use is hot pour heated to just over 350 degrees. This insures complete crack penetration clear to the base rock. 


Our Sealcoating service is second to none. We use industrial grade product only buying from the top rated manufacturing plants in the North West. Our application method achieves maximum adhesion and coverage that will last up to 5x longer than standard application meatheads. 

MK Hansen offers commercial and residential service of any size threw out the Portland metro area.  

Let one of our trained estimators come out to your driveway or parking lot and show you the most cost effective way to beautify and stabilize your asphalt.​


​Seal coating ~ Crack Filling


(503) 866-7542

20700 S. Leland Road Oregon City OR 97045 US


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